The Sea to Sky Miata Club brings together Miata/MX5 enthusiasts who enjoy top-down driving and want to share this passion with others. We own the best, most beloved sports car in the world!

Fun runs that take us on less-travelled roads, as well as other events, are organised throughout the driving season for club members. Runs can be one day, weekends or longer. We explore the Fraser Valley and beyond in British Columbia, head over the border for some great drives in Washington State and join other clubs in BC and the US for longer trips, often with additional activities.

We provide a forum and Facebook page for members to discuss and comment on club runs, events, participate in car talk and other Miata related news and information.

If you own a Miata/MX5 and want to get involved in our activities or would just like to learn more, email us. To join, fill in the Member Application – it’s only $25 a year.  You are also welcome to join us on a run first before making a decision to become a member.

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For more details and to sign up for a run please visit the DISCUSSIONS page.

Apr 7 – 2024 Annual General Meeting. Details will be posted later.

Thank you to all members for making 2023 another great season for runs. Watch the forum for any updates.

Planning is underway for our 2024 trip to Oregon to participate in Explore Oregon put on by the Willamette Club, followed by an extended trip for those interested. See the forum.


The following will provide more details about our club.

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